Short and Curly – An Introduction

My name is Luke. I’m a Product Manager, I’m short and I have curly hair. You guessed it, that’s where the name of this blog came from.

I have never given blogging much thought before these days, however, I’ve really come to appreciate how helpful sharing learnings and listening to others’ experiences can be in growing one’s professional career. This will be the main objective of my blog. I would like to share my experiences and learnings in my role as a product manager, which I hope will be helpful to some of you folks who are going through similar experiences.

It will not be the most perfectly penned blog. I will not guarantee flawless opinions. But I will definitely do my best to keep this blog updated with interesting new things that I learn in the great world of product.

On the flip side, I also love hearing about other people’s learnings. So please do feel free to leave comments with your opinions on my posts, or get in touch. I’ll be happy to discuss product management in more detail with anyone who reaches out.

Where I come from

I was born and bred in tiny Malta. I studied IT at the University of Malta and later, Economics & Finance on a remote programme with the London School of Economics. My first role was in software development. I then moved on to do data migrations, large-scale enterprise system implementations, project management and I’ve now recently moved into the world of product management.

I’m currently a Product Manager at an awesome company called Hotjar.

Get in touch

Here’s my LinkedIn profile – feel free to connect and/or message me.

Twitter handle: shortcurlyprod

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